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  1. Merger between PCS and Mifratel
    2017 September 4th
  2. Bankfinanciering steeds ingewikkelder voor bedrijven, maar steeds meer goede alternatieven.
    2017 August 30th
  3. Deal: Evolve IP Acquires Mtel
    2017 August 30th
  4. IPO of QUIZ plc, an omni-channel and own brand women’s fast fashion retailer.
    2017 August 2nd
  5. Zorg & IT
    2017 July 25th
  6. Deal Summary H1 2017
    2017 July 20th
  7. “IMAP Netherlands advised Travel Health Group at investment by BB Capital.”
    2017 July 17th
  8. “ Dutch Cabin Group neemt Van Hamburg Verhuur over “
    2017 June 22nd
  9. Creating Value Issue 2
    2017 June 21st
  10. Aftermovie Growth. Shaping the future,
    2017 May 30th
  11. IMAP Netherlands Q1 Update and Aftermovie
    2017 May 30th
  12. (Nederlands) Globalisering of protectionisme?
    2017 May 18th
  13. (Nederlands) IMAP Netherlands adviseert Candid Group bij overname The Edge Initiative.
    2017 May 8th
  14. MAP Netherlands advises Koning & Hartman with their sale of Koning & Hartman Network Services to Standard Investment.
    2017 April 26th
  15. IMAP Netherlands advises Den Hartogh with their sale of Den Hartogh Tankcleaning to Boassa Global.
    2017 April 24th
  16. IMAP Netherlands advises Value Enhancement partners in divesting Codi Group
    2017 April 18th
    2017 April 18th
  18. IMAP Q1 deal summary
    2017 April 13th
  19. Q1 Private Equity Overview
    2017 April 6th
  20. Specialists in waste containers join forces
    2017 April 3rd
  21. About Last Thursday;
    2017 April 3rd
  22. (Nederlands) Wat krijg je als je de top van de M&A wereld samenbrengt in Rotterdam?
    2017 March 29th
  23. (Nederlands) BLOG:SHAPE
    2017 March 22nd
  24. BLOG 1/3 GROWTH
    2017 February 28th
  25. UK mid-market advisor Panmure Gordon joins the IMAP Netherlands partnership
    2017 February 2nd
  26. Our Amsterdam Office is moving
    2017 January 24th
  27. Candid Group acquires Stroom
    2017 January 10th
  28. (Nederlands) Bedrijf Verkopen? Maar aan wie?
    2016 December 21st
  29. IMAP Netherlands wishes you a Merry Everything and a Happy Always!
    2016 December 19th
  30. IMAP Netherlands advises Magenta MMT on their sale to Total Specific Solutions
    2016 December 6th
  31. (Nederlands) ARE YOU PREPARED? Interview with Axel Fuhri Snethlage and Jan-Pieter Borst in Offshore Industry issue 6 | 2016
    2016 November 23rd
  32. IMAP Netherlands Perspectives
    2016 November 8th
  33. IMAP Netherlands advises Philips-spin-out Innoluce on their sale to Infineon.
    2016 October 12th
  34. Newsletter Q3
    2016 September 14th
  35. (Nederlands) Nieuws;
    2016 September 1st
  36. (Nederlands) IMAP Netherlands begeleidt Dataplace BV bij de verkoop aan Eurofiber Group
    2016 August 29th
  37. (Nederlands) IMAP Netherlands begeleidt Atlas Paint Consultants B.V.
    2016 August 3rd
  38. We are hiring people, not (just) skills.
    2016 June 30th
  39. IMAP Netherlands host global spring conference
    2016 June 23rd
  40. MAP IMAP Netherlands advised Korting is leuk in their sale to Sanoma.
    2016 June 1st
  41. .
    2016 May 10th
  42. Publicatie: Goed adviseurschap, deel I
    2016 March 11th
  43. 2016 IMAP Netherlands Global M&A Report for Pharma/Biotech online report
    2016 February 22nd
  44. Low oil price will force M&A activity in 2016 says IMAP Netherlands Florida
    2016 February 4th
  45. IMAP Netherlands closes 221 deals in 2015 worth over US$9.6bn
    2016 January 18th
  46. Failure factors of Chinese companies in cross-border M&A
    2015 November 20th
  47. (Nederlands) De belangrijkste M&A kantoren en dealmakers van NL
    2015 November 16th
  48. (Nederlands) Vijf bureaus begeleiden Rotterdam Harbor | FPS deal
    2015 August 24th
  49. (Nederlands) Sectorrapport “A View on the Chemical and Chemical Distribution market”
    2015 August 14th
  50. (Nederlands) IMAP Netherlands adviseert Amphitec bij deal Active Capital
    2015 August 4th
  51. (Nederlands) IMAP Netherlands adviseert Rolloos bij verkoop aan Top Side
    2015 June 10th
  52. (Nederlands) Artikel “Van waarde”
    2014 December 11th
  53. (Nederlands) Artikel “Een aandelenwaardering – Houd het Helder!”
    2014 October 6th
  54. (Nederlands) Geslaagde opening nieuwe pand IMAP Netherlands
    2014 September 29th
  55. (Nederlands) IMAP Netherlands betrokken bij Pack2pack buyout
    2014 September 4th
  56. (Nederlands) M&A aan de Maas in Friends in Business
    2014 July 7th
  57. (Nederlands) IMAP Netherlands in FD
    2014 June 23rd
  58. (Nederlands) Wij zijn verhuisd!
    2014 June 16th
  59. (Nederlands) M&A aan de Maas borrel op 25 juni in NHow Rotterdam
    2014 May 14th
  60. (Nederlands) Corporate Finance Consultants gezocht
    2014 March 13th
  61. (Nederlands) Door IMAP Netherlands georganiseerde M&A aan de Maas borrel groot succes
    2014 January 23rd
  62. IMAP Netherlands on TV
    2013 December 4th
  63. IMAP Netherlands exclusive representative of IMAP Netherlands in the Netherlands
    2013 September 24th
  64. Successful launch of M&A aan de Maas
    2013 May 31st
  65. New IMAP Netherlands house style and website
    2013 May 24th