Want to know what your company is worth?

The trickiest part of many corporate finance processes is determining a company’s value. Because the value of your company determines your negotiating position. Perhaps your business has a debt to pay off? What is its earning capacity? What are its future prospects? And how much is your goodwill worth? All issues you need to tackle before you can take the next step.

There are all kinds of conceivable reasons for calling in our valuation experts:

  • A share transaction for which the value needs to be determined
  • A dispute with the tax authorities (transfer of shares in family firm)
  • A dispute between shareholders about the price when exiting the firm
  • Employee participation plans
  • Price formulas
  • Second opinions (valuation reports drawn up by third parties)
  • Economic loss claims (determine capital loss suffered)

Chartered Valuation Surveyor
IMAP Netherlands has an affinity with all sectors and the know-how to support you during the valuation process. A number of our employees are chartered valuation surveyors, which means they have exceptional knowledge and expertise in the area of valuations. As well as companies, many accountants and tax advisers come to us on valuation issues.

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