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IMAP – International network of M&A Partners

IMAP Netherlands wordlwide rankingIMAP is an international network of M&A advisors, represented in over 40 countries worldwide. Formed in 1979, IMAP is the world’s most established and experienced midmarket M&A organization. Every year the partners of IMAP succesfully complete around 200 deals. IMAP has access to very experienced M&A advisors from all over the world. Each IMAP advisor is encouraged to parlay his or her specific experience into a specialized practice that focuses on one of 13 standard industry categories.

Merger and acquisition clients from every corner of the globe, in all segments and classifications turn to IMAP for professional advice. With a rich history of innovation, collaboration and achievement, IMAP advisors work hand-in-hand to optimize the service and success for every client we represent.

The history of IMAP is built on a track record of success. IMAP features some of the world’s most skilled M&A advisors from across the globe and with a diverse resume of industry expertise. For more than 40 years, IMAP advisors have worked diligently to deliver success for a wide range of clients. IMAP , with its worldwide network of corporate finance advisors, consistently ranks high in the worldwide league tables of Thomson Reuters.

IMAP Netherlands is the exclusive representative of IMAP in the Netherlands
IMAP Netherlands is the exclusive representative of IMAP in the Netherlands. IMAP offers an exceptional combination of global breadth and local depth to the transactions. With IMAP Netherlands you have access to experienced advisors with in depth knowledge about the local markets and industries.

Worldwide locations
IMAP Netherlands Wereldwijde locaties

IMAP has offices in more than 40 countries throughout North and South America, Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East and Asia and offers a strong cross border knowledge. IMAP offers an exceptional combination of global and local depth to the client. Worldwide, IMAP comprises of more than 50 IMAP offices. In total, IMAP is represented by more than 500 professional M&A advisors

Ranks third place worldwide
IMAP Netherlands ranks third

According to the league tables from Thomson Reuters for amount of deals up to EUR 500 MLN IMAP has a constant top 10 ranking. This position reflects the experience of the IMAP offices in executing a large amount of successful international deals each year.

Industry groups
IMAP Netherlands has identified several industries in which specific IMAP advisors collaborate in order to achieve the best service possible worldwide. IMAP Netherlands advisors constantly keep track of these industries both on a local level and the global developments.